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New facts states washing hands regularly can prevent Ebola. Here's why!

New facts, suggests that Washing of Hands thoroughly and regularly will ensure you can't get Ebola. Here's the report

"Scientifically proven fact about EBOLA virus. 
Pls endeavour to share.......If the ebola virus contacts a person's skin, this does not mean the person is then automatically infected by the virus. The virus is not active until it gains access into a person's mucous membrane. Mucous membranes are those pink fleshy places in the openings of the body like the eyes, nose, inner ears, mouth, anus, opening of the penis and vagina or any wound on any part of the body. So if the virus is on the skin of the hand, it is easy for the virus to enter the mucous membrane because people touch these parts of the body with their fingers. The hands are very important. This is why we encourage everybody to wash their hands often and rub sanitizers. This limits the possibility of being infected. Spread the knowledge, not the fear. Facts will save you, not fear. Together we can win the battle against ebola. "

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