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Nigerian Rising Star: Elohor Silvia - Photographer

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Full  Name:
Onobrudu Elohor Silvia, MD at Lead Photography

Lead Photography Elohor Silvia

What I do:
I am a photographer. I cover events such as Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Naming Ceremony and other special events. I started photography 2011. I learnt how to cover events both in doors and out doors. It was challenging. I am also into nature photography. I go to places to snap natural things, including non living things.

How I started
I started photography 2011. I went for a training. I have been working with a camera since 2009, not for covering events but for the fun of it and also for taking passports. I eventually went for training 2011. I was learning and going to school at the same time, it was stressful and challenging and I was focused because good things don't come easy.

Works I have Done
Below is the list of jobs I have done.                                    
1. Wedding ceremony for Mr. And Mrs. Oghenetega 2012.
2. Birthday ceremony of Bobby 2012.                                  
3. I have edited photobooks, photoalbums for different studios in Delta State and Edo State.          
4. Burial Ceremony of Late Osazee 2013.                          
5. Birthday Ceremony of Johnny  2014.      

My Life Passion
My passion in life is being the best I can in whatever I do. To leave my footprint in the world of photography. People die, memories fade away but pictures properly documented lives forever. Any ceremony without pictures is not complete. My main focus is covering outdoor photography of old houses or old things. A poor old house can be renovated but the memory of it lives in the picture. I also focus on traditional photography, capturing African properties, promoting Africa through pictures. Through nature photography, I can express myself through pictures there by affecting lives.

How to Contact Me (Strictly Business Only)

Some of My Works
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Lead Photography Elohor Silvia Lead Photography Elohor SilviaLead Photography Elohor SilviaLead Photography Elohor Silvia

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